Men's Golf Shoes

Low prices on Footjoy Golf Shoes, Apparel, Gloves, Bags & Apparel at FootJoy is used by more pro golfers than any other brand in the game of golf. The technology used in mens FootJoy golf shoes is unmatched and just gets better each and every year.

Men's Golf Shoes

Low prices on Footjoy Golf Shoes, Apparel, Gloves, Bags & Apparel at FootJoy is used by more pro golfers than any other brand in the game of golf. The technology used in mens FootJoy golf shoes is unmatched and just gets better each and every year.


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  • All Mens FootJoy Golf...
    The best selection of mens FootJoy golf shoes. Ranging from all the new styles to some closeout styles from years gone by. If you looking for something in FootJoy golf shoes we probably have it.
  • SYNR-G
    If you are looking for a golf shoe that is comfortable and stable, look no more. This shoe is great out of the box. Love the memory foam! If you walk, this shoe is for you. Also, the style is up to date, yet refreshingly classic with a twist. One cannot go wrong with this shoe. The FootJoy mens SYNRG golf shoe is where its at.
  • DryJoys
    With over 20 years of experience in product engineering and innovation, FootJoys DryJoys Tour golf shoes employ the latest inm performance footwear. The next generation stability PODS outsole helps ensure the perfect balance of flexibility and stability.
  • D.N.A.

    The FootJoy D.N.A. DryJoys Next Advancement features the most comprehensive feature package ever delivered by FJ, D.N.A. footwear embodies the most proven elements of the world-renown DryJoys franchise with new, cutting-edge design and construction methodology

  • FJ Sport
    Athletic inspired styling incorporating lightweight stability and performance benefits - FootJoy FJ Sport golf shoes are endorsed by many of the worlds best players on Tour
  • FJ City
    A street style shoe designed for golf, the FootJoy Men's FJ City Golf Shoe is a fashion-forward staple for any golfer who wants look his best on the course
  • Contour Series
    The #1 selling golf shoe brand in the world, FootJoy Contour Series golf shoes feature incredible out-of-the-box comfort, tremendous fit and casual soft leathers. The FootJoy Contour series line continues to grow its legion of loyal wearers.
  • FJ Hydrolite
    FJ HydroLite golf shoes offer lightweight, waterproof performance with full grain leather uppers
  • FJ Superlites

    Ultralight footwear offering both traditional and athletic styling. FootJoy FJ Superlites golf shoes are a great value for those players looking for comfort, style and function

  • FJ Street
    The FootJoy ® Street golf shoes blend relevant off-course trendy looks and top quality materials with the necessary on-course traction and comfort. DuraMax™ Rubber Outsole is the base at where your comfort starts with turf gripping performance and durability that will keep this shoe on your foot longer than you think.
  • GreenJoys

    The FootJoys GreenJoys golf shoe family offers a tremendous value for entry-level players seeking comfortable great fitting traditional golf shoes from the FootJoy brand

  • Contour Casual

    FootJoys Contour Casual golf shoes footwear features the same world reknown fit and comfort as their cleated brethren, but with the added benefit of a spikeless outsole. Now you can enjoy the comfort on and off the course.

  • Club Casuals

    FootJoy Club Casuals shoes are perfect for work or casual wear to the golf course. Hand-made in the U.S.A., FootJoy Club Casual shoes feature premium full grain leather, which provides beauty, comfort and durability. These shoes are ultra comfortable and convenient before and after your round of golf.

  • M:Project
    The M Project category was designed and engineered to capitalize on the growing minimalist movement that is prevalent in both casual and athletic footwear. Our design and development team has once again delivered a product that will have an immediate effect on the golf footwear industry. As the leading brand in the golf footwear category, FJ strives to develop products with specific performance characteristics and, by extension, with specific wearers in mind -- and the M Project is no different. While FJ SPORT was developed for players seeking lightweight but firm underfoot stability, the M:Project has been created specifically for those players seeking enhanced mobility and the desire for more real-time feedback from the ground to the wearer's feet -- simply put, M:Project represents MINIMAL CONSTRUCTION offering MAXIMUM FEEL.
  • DryJoys Casual
    A perfect extension to the FootJoy DryJoys mens golf shoes footwear family & the ultimate on/off course experience. This exciting category provides superior feel with the new super soft ECL leather uppers, Fine Tune Foam (FTF) for supple cushioning & a perimeter weighted outsole design for superior stability.
  • Icon

    Exquisite styling utilizing premium grain leathers and luxurious calfskin detailing. This fashionable category integrates the latest technological advancements providing optimum comfort, stability and traction. The FootJoy FJ Icon mens golf shoe is the leading golf shoe category on the PGA Tour

  • Icon Black

    Icon Black combines first class craftsmanship with the finest, premium materials to give you a golf shoe that is as timeless as the game itself.

  • DryJoy Tour

    DryJoys Tour golf shoes blend traditional styling with cutting edge Stability PODS™ technology to enhance platform stability. 

  • Club Professionals

    Take your preferred comfort and style from the golf course to the street with FJ Club Professionals. Designed and developed with the teaching professional in mind...

  • HyperFlex

    Step Into the Next Big Thing with HYPERFLEX. Featuring innovative materials like the new FlexGrid 2.0 exoskeleton upper, HYPERFLEX delivers lightweight support and cushioning so you can play at your highest level. 

  • Golf Specialty

    FJ Specialty golf footwear offers unique styles designed for golf with versatile features for optimal performance.

  • VersaLuxe

    Excellence lies in the details. From the precise selection of premium leathers to the fine grade of stitching used to add detailing to the upper design, no element was spared in the creation of FJ's latest offering. Versaluxe spikeless golf shoes are the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship. This pair comes in wide width. Wide spikeless golf shoes for men give you room to perform your best. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

  • Hyperflex II

    Get ultimate athletic performance with HYPERFLEX II golf shoes for men. Featuring innovative materials like the new FlexGrid 3.0 BioMorph upper, HYPERFLEX II men's golf shoes deliver lightweight support and cushioning so you can play at your highest level. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

  • Freestyle 2.0

    Unleash your power with FreeStyle golf shoes for men. Engineered to deliver an incredibly flexible and comfortable ride for those players seeking the best-in-class mobility footwear. FreeStyle men's golf shoes ensures tremendous traction and ground contact while allowing your feet to roll through your shot. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

  • Pro SL

    Pro/SL men's golf shoes provide superior feel with Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) for supple cushioning and a perimeter weighted outsole design for superior stability. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

  • FJ Dress

    This beautiful, premium oxford FJ Dress shoe will carry you in style from the Boardroom through your five-star dinner. With full Italian calfskin leather, blake welt construction and tailored styling, this shoe has the elegance you demand. This pair comes in wide width. Wide golf shoes allow room to breathe and performance. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

  • Contour Fit

    Experience ultimate comfort with ContourFIT golf shoes for men! Special construction allows for the ultimate in underfoot comfort and flexibility. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

  • FJ Originals


    FJ Originals men's golf shoes provide great traction and easily maintain their beauty round after round. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

  • FJ Energize


    Energize men's golf shoes deliver a performance ultralight feel with athletic styling. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.